Can design support integration and increase peoples tolerance for diversity?  Our answer is Telly, an interactive toy for children between 6-9 who serves as an excuse for children to approach an unacquainted child.

Two week Sound Design Project

Design for social Impact

Sound Design

Interaction Design

Can a language-eating alien create a more open minded society?

Is affective monitoring what it takes to manage occupational stress and what could be the consequences of such a future?

Ten week Thesis BFA Industrial Design 2016

How to prevent occupational burnout?

Speculative Interaction Design

Volvo Sense supports people to be human beings instead of human doings.

A ten week project with Volvo to explore what Wellbeing 5.0 will mean for them by 2030.

Service Design

Interaction Design

UI Design

Shortening the learning curve for newly educated forestry machine operators.

A ten week Design research project in collaboration with The Cluster of Forest Technology and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The aim was to develop a User interface feedback system for improved work motivation and performance for forestry machine operators. 

Design research

Service Design

UI Design

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