I am a deeply human centered designer and I truly enjoy the entire process from ethnographic research to final designs and production. The challenge of turning something complicated and complex into elegant and meaningful interactions motivates me and allows me to immerse myself in systems thinking during design. I’m interested in the emotional and behavioral impact that design can have on people’s lives and the value therein. I believe that people’s interaction with  services and products can shape their self-perception and their understanding of those around them, the design therefore needs to be created thoughtfully and responsibly.

I did not have a straightforward path to design. I had previous roles as a hairdresser, makeup artist, and then as a security guard in Oslo and at a casino in Gilbraltar. I also worked at an oyster farm in Alaska and as a puma caretaker in the jungle of Bolivia.

I spent five years driven by my love of travel and huge sense of curiosity. My experiences pushed me to ask bigger questions of our experience. What do we need? What rules and conditions do we live by? What brings us together and what sets us apart? Where are we heading? To me this is what design is all about— to understand humans from a diverse perspective and to create meaningful and powerful experiences based on this knowledge.
In my spare time I am a compulsive artist (MORE INFO HERE)
I also enjoy outdoor activities (trail running in particular), and mind-bending conversations while drinking coffee and tea extremely slowly to enjoy the moment.  
Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.

© By Camilla Näsholm

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